Seismogram Request 2.0

This service make you available the rasters of historical seismograms recovered and scanned as part of the SISMOS and EuroSeismos projects. There are more than 200,000 seismograms recorded in over 300 stations mainly of euro-Mediterranean area, over a period from 1895 to 1984. SISMOS staff recovers and scans the seismograms of a list of about 1,000 earthquakes, moreb than 700 of which are of the Euro-Mediterranean area. The scans are made at 1016 dpi grayscale and are available to you at a maximum resolution of 600 dpi. After recording, you can access the service and view, select and download digital scans of seismograms of your interest. Registration allows you to access the service at different levels of privileges established by the project partners of SISMOS and EuroSeismos. Two different digital resolutions are available to users: a 200dpi preview and a 600dpi full-size. The viewing and downloading of previews is allowed to all registered users, but files at 600dpi are:
  • free download for the Italian INGV seismic stations;
  • subject to specific restrictions related to seismic stations not INGV Italian and foreign ones.
However, they can be freely downloaded more than 80% of the scans, in accordance with the recognition of the appropriate credits. More generally, the use of digital scans distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Seismogram Request 2.0 is the culmination of a long and complex process of reorganization of the SISMOS database, also aims to promote greater integration between seismograms and documents that let you make better use for science.